Photography is just the starting point
in the creation of the ideas in my head...

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I Like To Multiply Myself...

I added this legend when I first posted it
"I survived winter in the tropics,
I don't know if I'll survive summer"

This was created for the International Women's Day 2018

This was created for the International Women's Day 2020

This was created for Mental Health Day 2020

The International Women's Day 2020 - Pandemic/Lockdown version

It was so much easier to win every single round
of Mahjong during lockdown!

(Sarah Everard - March 2021)

2020: I picked a great year to start QiGong ;- )

When you don't have a Chimney and Christmas tree where you live... you recreate them and invite your friends to decorate.

This is what household chores looked like in Beijing...

... and this is how household chores looked like in Singapore.
Something somewhere went really wrong ;-)

Let's get moving.

I Like To Multiply Others too...

A ballerina, a creative tutu, and an iconic background

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older "I Like To Multiply Myself..."

The very first time I multiplied myself back in 2009 in Beijing.

Created when we came back to Beijing in 2013.
This is the header of my blog.

"I love small village gossips…
I learn a lot about my (supposedly) own life”

Back in Norway in 2011

“Computer, TV, DVD, DS, Wii, etc… Yet they are always bored”

This one was made (photos & editing) on my iPhone
while waiting for the delivery guy.

I Used To Multiply Others too...

"It’s a lot easier to make decisions
when you deal with somebody you know well” - dixit Hubby

Playing in my friend's kitchen

My friend's daughter wanted to see if I could multiply her too ;-)

When you always wanted a lot of kids ;-)

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My Own Little Planet...

The little planets are shot and edited entirely on my iPhone (not a 360 camera)

Playing tourist in Joo Chiat in Singapore

On top of the World...
Well at least on top of Pinnacle @ Duxton in Singapore

This one was to remind me of my monthly hike on the
Great Wall of China with the Beijing Pashan.

Time to Relax

Sometimes I take my friend with me.

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older "My Own Little Planet..."

My very first Little Planet...
Made in Seoul, South Korea

I made one in South Korea...
I had to make one in the North too

I liked the first one so much I wanted to create another one in Beijing in the garden near our condominium complex.

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Is It Moving?

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The Real Chaos

everything else I didn't know in which category to fill them!

today... yesterday... it's just a blur anyway:

What would you tell your 10-year-old self?

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self?

Trying to recreate our youth ;-)

At the beginning of our long-distance relationship and
almost 20 years later, thanks to Covid, we are doing it again!

here... there... it's also just a blur:

Our last family photo before we started to all live in different parts of the world...
but the further away you move from the print the clearer it gets.

rock solid:

This is a 4-side family portrait:
individuals - parent Vs children - mother & kids - father & kids

photos printed on pavement blocks

up high:

Before there were drones, having a vision of a photo required a lot of work.

You had to find bridges overlooking interesting locations
with correct sun exposure to get the shadows you needed.

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Congratulations you found "The Secret Page" ;-)

I don't have a background in graphic design but I have enjoyed creating, for myself mainly, and from time to time for NGO...
Most recently I have been doing Graphic Design for the American Women's Association in Singapore: redesigning their bi-monthly membership magazine as well as designing their print & digital media promo ads.

When working on a promo ad... I also create the social media ads so that there is a certain consistency throughout the media

Examples of ads created for the American Women's Association in Singapore to be published in their membership magazine as well as other magazines in Singapore (Expat Living, American Club, etc)

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About this...

Instead of searching on my Facebook, Instagram, Blog, or even my phone, I can come directly here to show all the creative chaos that lives in my head when people ask me what kind of "art/photography" I do!


  • I live in Singapore, that’s a city & a country and no it’s not part of China or Malaysia!

  • Before that, I lived 3 years in Beijing, that’s China

  • Before that, I lived 4 years in Stavanger, that’s Norway

  • Before that, I lived 3 years in Beijing, that was China BOG (before Olympic Games!)

  • Before that, I lived 4.5 years in Aberdeen, and that’s Scotland (part of the UK -still!)

  • Before that, I lived 2.5 years in Buenos Aires, you guessed it that's Argentina

  • Before that, it was Paris (France not Texas), and Houston (Texas this time, which is technically in the USA) and Denver (Colorado, USA). Also somewhere in the middle of all these, I spent a semester in Swansea (Wales, UK/GB)

  • and if you really need to know, I spent my first 20 years in a very small village outside of Grenoble, that’s in the Alps… the French ones!

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